Matt Flynn-Fletcher
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Vital statistics
Age 16
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft. 8 in.

Early Life Edit

Matthew "Matt" Flynn-Fletcher was born to Bryan Pines and Linda Flynn, being born first and then his twin sister, Candace, a few minutes later. Matt and Candace were very close as children, spending a lot of time together and even spending a few summers with their great-uncle Stan. When Matt and Candace were seven years, their youngest brother, Phineas, was born. Unfortunately, soon after their father died, changing the family forever.

Matt and Candace started to become somewhat distant to one another, with Matt spending most of his time with Phineas. Matt became close to his younger brother forming a protective, but fun bond between each other. When Phineas was two years old, he met his future stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher, when Linda called in an old boyfriend, Lawrence Fletcher. The two instantly re-fell in love. However, not everyone was happy with the marriage as Matt and Candace were uneasy about their stepfather and angry at him. As time moved on Matt and Candace got used to their new family with Matt even taking part in his younger brothers inventions and his stepfather's quirkiness.

A year after the marriage, the Flynn-Fletcher family adopted a platypus named Perry (whom they originally called Bartholomew). One day while Perry was about to go on a mission Matt caught sight of Perry's leaving. Confronting him later that evening Matt promises Perry that he would keep Perry's secret.

Years follow with him and his brothers having all sorts of adventures, invention and fun with Matt developing a crush on MCF detective, Raina Clouseau. While she didn't reciprocate his feelings he was still in love with her. In the summer of 2012, he joined in a stage production of Les Miserables where he met and fell in love with Princess Merida.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Phineas Flynn Edit

Phineas is Matt and Candace's younger brother with Phineas looking up to Matt and being first taught how to handle and use tools by him. Just before Phineas was born his, Matt's and Candace's father died and while Candace became distant for a while, Matt became more protective of his siblings and became somewhat of a figure father and brother to Phineas and teaching him everything that their dad taught him such as baseball, building things, and making sure he has fun and lives life to the fullest.

Ferb Fletcher Edit

Candace Flynn Edit

Lawrence Fletcher Edit

For the most part, Matt is very kind to his stepfather, often calling him dad. However, when Matt and Candace first met Lawrence, they were more hostile to him and his son Ferb. Over time Matt and Candace began to love their stepfather, seeing him more as their father than the first dad.

Matt often helps his dad at the antique store with selling some things. Often times Matt goes to Lawrence for advice because of similar personalities.

Linda Flynn Edit

Bryan Pines Edit

Dipper Pines Edit

Mabel Pines Edit

Stanley "Grunkle Stan" Pines Edit

Stanford "Ford" Pines Edit

Friends Edit

The MCF Edit

Matt is good friends with the MCF, occasionally going on their adventures. At one point he had a crush on Raina who while not interested still likes and respects him as her friend. For a while he was jealous of her boyfriend Cedric Diggory, but after falling in love and started dating Merida, he made amends with Cedric and became good friends with him.

Nikisha Edit

Sharlene Thomas Edit

Jeremy Johnson Edit

Having known Jeremy as long as Candace has, Matt considers Jeremy as his first guy friend since Matt seems to mostly hang around with girls. When Matt first knew about Candace's crush on Jeremy he was a little shocked and somewhat nervous as to how it might effect their friendship if they dated and it didn't work out. Matt eventually notices that Jeremy does have similar feelings towards Candace but told neither because Matt wanted them to figure it out on their own. Since Candace and Jeremy started dating, Matt and Merida had been going on the occasional double dates with them and sometimes triple dates with Stacy and Coltrane.

Stacy Hirano Edit

Baljeet Edit

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Edit

Buford van Strom Edit

Rivals/Enemies Edit

Prince Morrat of Druselstein Edit

Young Macintosh Edit

Moriah Graves Edit

Girlfriends Edit

Princess Merida Edit

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