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When she was young, Merida recieved her first bow and arrow and witnessed her father, Fergus's attack from Mor'du the bear. When she gets older, her mother Elinor, homeschools her to be a proper lady. This frustrates Merida a lot because she wants to live her own life and do things a princess wouldn't do such as climb a mountain and shoot her bow and arrow. What really frustrated her the most is that she has to marry three of the suitors from neighboring kingdoms in order to prevent a war. When her suitors arrive, she challenges them to an archery contest, but enters herself in. She wins, but has a falling out with Elinor. As she runs, she follows a willow-the-whisps to a Witch's cottage where she buys all her wood carvings for a spell that would change her fate and change her mother's mind about the marriage. She sneaks in and gives her mother the spell in the form of a cake, but instead of making her mother change her mind, she transforms into a bear. Horrified, Merida and Elinor run into the woods. During thsi time, Merida bonds with her mother. However, she goes back to the castle to mend the bond torn by pride after an attack from Mor'du that Elinor saves her from because she cut the tapestry in anger on the day of the fight. When Merida comes to the castle, Fergus, and the three Lords and their sons and subjects start a huge fight. Merida clears it up by telling them that people are free to do whatever and can't be forced into such things as marriage in a rush. The Three Lords' sons agree on the situation. Fergus eventually catches Elinor and chases her thinking the bear killed his wife. Merida tries to stop him, but she is locked up. She calls on her three brothers Hamish, Hubert and Harris(who also turned into bears by the cake), to break her free. She stops her father from killing her transformed mother and kills Mor'du, releasing his spirit. Merida watches as her mother and brothers are transformed back into humans. Having the three Lords and their sons return home to decide on their own fates, Merida and Elinor ride off into the woods to bond closer.

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